Situated Sampling Set (2015 - ongoing)
Sascha Pohflepp & Chris Woebken
Site-specific computer simulations, unique render series

Above: 34°05’57.8”N 118°13’04.3”W (private residence) [1m x 1m]
Custom prints available for purchase

Situated Sampling Set is a series of highly location-specific works which display the results of custom-built computer simulations. Within the depicted scene we find an assemblage of scattered objects, each chosen for its relationship to a practice of measuring, surveying, documenting.

From mineralogical reference cubes to calibration targets used in NASA’s space photography, these non-objects will become forensic markers, providing the meta-data for future use of the image.

34°07’18.4”N 118°22’17.3”W (private residence)

In Situated Sampling Set, a set of these objects are dropped inside a virtual environment that precisely simulates their behavior in accordance to the physical location, scale, orientation, gravity, and lighting conditions of the chosen space.

Alluding to practices of divination, this process results in images whose indexicality, when printed and positioned in the simulated location, reaches beyond conventional visual representation, transposing information of its own situatedness—through the objects—into the world itself.

Purchase includes site visit with room measurement and light sampling to model the space in which the print will be hung.

100cm x 100cm archival inkjet print mounted on dibond.
Price available upon request.