A sound walk by Christine Sun Kim
On the occasion of 50 years since Max Neuhaus’ LISTEN (1966)

Saturday the 29th & Sunday the 30th of October, 2016
Meet at 14th Street & Avenue C, 1:00 PM (rain or shine)

RSVP to [email protected]


For (LISTEN), Christine Sun Kim will lead attendees on a sound walk through the Lower East Side. Drawing on her early experiences living and working in the neighborhood, Kim will give focus to spaces, sensations, and sound sources of special mnemonic significance. Attendees are encouraged to consider their own listening in relation to Kim’s memories, reevaluating how to experience sound in space and space as sound.

(LISTEN) (2016) takes as its starting point the 1966 realization of LISTEN by sound artist Max Neuhaus (1939-2009), initiated in the same neighborhood before its international presentation through the mid-1970s. LISTEN was understood as a non-verbal ‘lecture’ on soundscape as well as a form of collective music-making. Instead of a musical composition, notated and performed by specialists, the sound walk is ‘composed’ by the listening participants who find form and meaning in an indeterminate acoustic environment. In Kim’s adaptation, the title “(LISTEN)” is substituted, emphasizing layers of subjective, interpersonal, and technical mediation involved in non-verbal communication. (LISTEN) is not a recreation of Neuhaus’ piece, but an adaptation for the 21st century as the technologies and boundaries of listening have expanded.

Christine Sun Kim uses the medium of sound through technology, performance, and drawing to investigate her relationship with sound and spoken languages. Selected exhibitions and performances have been held at: Sound Live Tokyo, Tokyo; White Space, Beijing (solo); Carroll/Fletcher, London (solo); nyMusikk, Oslo; Berlin Biennale, Berlin; and the Museum of Modern Art / PS1, New York. Kim was awarded TED and MIT Media Lab Fellowships.

The sound walk will include American Sign Language (ASL) and spoken English.

This project was organized by Charles Eppley, Sam Hart, and Kerry Santullo for Avant.org.