This is the first in a series where our staff dredges their Evernote archives, pours over their Pocket history, and mines old Delicious bookmarks. We gladly present to you Internet Archeology 001:


Image courtesy of Renewable Power News

• A report on the most complex, expensive, and ambitious scientific project in human history – sparking and controlling a self-sustaining synthetic star – that could solve the world’s energy problems forever.

– Raffi Khatchadourian, The New Yorker

• An ongoing digital archive project for ephemeral literary magazines.

– Travis Kurowski, Luna Park

• The secret and bizarre ceremony at the heart of Internet security.

– James Ball, The Guardian


• Generalizing the theory of Darwinian evolution toward a more complete theory of life.

– Natalie Wolchover, Quanta

• Is art a waste of time if it doesn’t reduce suffering? A wonderful follow-up to the effective giving piece by our own Ben Levinstein.

– Rhys Southan, Aeon


• Behind the theatricality of America’s judicial system is a well-oiled machine for incarceration.

– Molly Crabapple, VICE

• Network theory reveals for the first time structured connections between organized crime and the greater economy.

MIT Technology Review

• A survey of organizations creating new paradigms for productive and egalitarian interface between art, technology, and commerce.

– Barry Threw, Art Practical


• A beautifully-executed sound and animation kit, playable with your keyboard or phone.

– Jono Brandel

Cover image courtesy 50 Watts